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Link Between Prematurity and Candida

Posted by in Health Guides at November 30, 2010
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Whether you believe it or not, there exists a strong link between prematurity and Candida.

prematurityAccording to scientific researches mothers who have reported cases of overgrowth of Candida have also reported prematurity. Furthermore, in some of the cases, the infection found inside the mother’s womb was also passed on to the infant.

How is it Possible?

Candida is nothing but systematic fungal infections that exist in the mother’s blood and may easily infect the developing baby by entering the membranous bag. Membranous bag which is addressed as amniotic sac is the place where the fetus develops. The bag contains amniotic fluid, which is produced by the placenta during the early stages of pregnancy and is known to protect the fetes.

Once the sixteen weeks of gestation are completed, the kidney of the developing baby begins to function, and amniotic fluid is produced. In addition, once the fourteen weeks are completed, blood from the circulatory system of the mother flows into the amniotic sac. Therefore, if the mother’s blood is infected with Candida, it is sure that the infection will be passed on to the baby through the amniotic fluid.

Unfortunately, nowadays more and more babies are being born with systematic fungal infection. This implies there is yeast inside the baby’s stomach. In some cases, the infection is also known to paralyze the baby’s gut wall and henceforth make the infant constipated at the time of birth. Constipation during the prematurity birth time is a serious issue because it relates to inability of the baby to eliminate the toxins from his body.

How can an expecting mother find out that she is suffering from Candida and protect her developing baby?

As an expecting mother may not know that she is developing Candida and putting her baby to risk, one of the serious problems is to detect such infections when there are no symptoms. However, it has now been discovered that doctors can now predict infections through profiling amniotic fluid proteins. Moreover, a mother can ensure the health of her baby by consuming an anti- Candida diet before she becomes pregnant.