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Medicines are always considered to be the ones that help us when we are sick but these medicines contain a lot of chemicals that can react with our body if we use them for long term.

fHence, many people these days are switching to natural medicines that are made from plants and herbs. Today people are becoming aware of the problems that they can face if they consume the same medicine over and over in order to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Hence, the trend of synthetically made medicines is slowly fading away as people are now moving towards the new kind of medicines that not only cure the people but also provide them with zero side effects.

Recently, Boiron, the world leader of homeopathic medicines did a research where they wanted to know more about what people really think when they buy their medicines.

The research was conducted by The Hartman Group and during the research it was found that more than 82% of the women shoppers in the United States of America are already aware of the side effect problems that they can have due to the medicines that they take and therefore many of them prefer to go for alternative medicines when they buy over the counter medications.

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Whether you believe it or not, there exists a strong link between prematurity and Candida.

prematurityAccording to scientific researches mothers who have reported cases of overgrowth of Candida have also reported prematurity. Furthermore, in some of the cases, the infection found inside the mother’s womb was also passed on to the infant.

How is it Possible?

Candida is nothing but systematic fungal infections that exist in the mother’s blood and may easily infect the developing baby by entering the membranous bag. Membranous bag which is addressed as amniotic sac is the place where the fetus develops. The bag contains amniotic fluid, which is produced by the placenta during the early stages of pregnancy and is known to protect the fetes.

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Overactive bladder is a common bladder control problem that may happen to anyone.

bladder-control-problemIt may be because of bladder injury, side effects of a medication or disease you’ve had in the past. There are also women who suffer from bladder problems after giving birth because pregnancy just makes their bladder weak.

Leaking urine anytime of the day is a common symptom of a person having bladder problems. For some time, it may cause embarrassment because you cannot control your urine as it leaks and there are no specific time and day when it will occur. Women are the ones much affected by bladder problems and they are also more prone to it although there are also cases where men are also affected.

The bladder awareness has been rampant not just by the government but also by organizations both private and non-governmental ones to give awareness to people. This aims to provide them with useful information if they are suffering from this ailment and if they have seen visible symptoms. The bladder health awareness month offers help to a lot of people today regardless of the age. Bladder problems don’t choose a person to suffer from the problem.

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Watch the Miss America 2011 event live with your friend for free. Yes it is possible. A grand opportunity declared by Amway could win you a chance to watch the event live at Las Vegas.

Miss America in Las VegasDeclaring a competition the official sponsor “Artistry”(skincare and cosmetics exclusive range from Amway) in the name of “Find Your Pageant Look and Win” Sweepstakes wants to share the fun and joy with its customers.

Besides the grand prize the company is also offering weekly prizes for 9 other lucky winners from the competition.

The Grand Prize winner will have the opportunity of watching the even live i.e. Miss America in Las Vegas on January 15th 2011.

The interested contestants would be invited through the noon ET on December 2010 and could enter at The Grand Prize includes the following

  • 3-day, two-night trip for two to Las Vegas, Nevada from January 14 through 16, 2011
  • Two tickets to experience the 2011 Miss America Pageant



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We know the universal truth that we resemble our parents because of our genes but having the same wrinkles as they had is not genetic at all. According to Dr. Jeanine B. Downie, dermatologist at the American board of Dermatology recently revealed the very same.

skin ageingDr. Downie believes that the majority of skin damages come from external sources like drinking less water,  increased exposure to sun,  smoking and of course stress.

Dr. Downing advises with a few tips in order to minimize skin ageing. As per a recent study conducted by the Skin Cancer Foundation, about 40% of adult Americans confessed the fact that they did not use sunscreen when they ventured out in the sun.

Dr. Downing advises not to do so. She says that irrespective of whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy day and irrespective of the ethnicity everyone should use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 whenever they go out to minimize the effects of skin aging.

Another thing she advises to do is to use topical antioxidants. With a background of working with the manufacturing of Revaléskin she advises to get rid of all that by getting a potent antioxidant massage each day and then advises the application of the sunscreen after that on top of the antioxidant.